Free Online Training Programme on Eco-Industrial Park for EIP Policy-makers and Practitioners/Service Providers

UNIDO and Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) are organizing a training programme aimed at building awareness on EIP concepts amongst the key stakeholder groups, sharing and exchange of experiences and knowledge related to EIP deployment, EIP policy implementation, identification, and intervention of EIP opportunities, etc. based on existing UNIDO, World Bank and GIZ materials.

The training will be delivered online by international as well as national experts consisting of six 2-hour modules (a total of 12 hours of learning). Each session will be delivered twice, thus allowing participants to choose the most convenient slot.

The training material covers aspects of EIPs and approaches, underlying tools and toolkits as well as Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) approaches to the extent needed for the incorporation of EIPs into local and national policy landscapes and provide EIP support to Industrial Parks in Vietnam. It covers a range of EIP topics relevant to strengthen the capacity and to address the needs for EIP policy-makers as well as EIP services providers, including a balanced mix of EIP theory, practical examples and interactive exercises.

The training programme will help participants to network effectively and benefit from peer learning while establishing a network of competent national institutions to deliver quality and value-added EIP services which respond to the needs of enterprises and other organizations in Vietnam.​

The detailed information for the training, please click HERE (Flyer_Policymakers) or (Flyer_Practisioners).

If you are interested in joining it, please submit your application by registering the link in HERE (Call for application for policymakers) and (Call for Application for Practisioners) before 20 August 2023.