• Donor: SECO
  • Implementation organization: UNIDO
  • Implementing partners: VNCPC, dss+
  • Duration: 04/2023 – 12/2023
  • Sector: Training
  • Contact: Do Thi Diu
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: (84-24) 3868 4849 – ext. 32

The EIP Training Programme exchanging at building awareness of the EIP concept amongst the key stakeholder groups, sharing and experiences and knowledge related to EIP deployment, EIP policy, identification and implementation of EIP intervention, etc. based on available UNIDO, World Bank and GIZ materials.
It covers a range of EIP topics relevant to strengthened the capacity and addressing the needs of EIP policy-makers as well as EIP service providers, with a balanced mix of theory, practical examples and interactive exercises. The training programme helps participants to network effectively and benefit from peer learning to deliver high-quality and value-added EIP services in response to the needs of enterprises and organizations in Vietnam.

Main activities of the service:

  • Development of training materials on (i) EIP policy enforcement and (ii) identification and implementation of EIP opportunities at IPs based on the existing UNIDO and WB materials for IP managers, company managers, management authorities and service providers;
  • Organize and run the 02 online courses (one for policy-makers and the other for EIP practitioners) over 02 months from 10 – 12/2023, consisting of six 02 hours-lasting training modules (a total of 12 hours for the entire program). Each module was delivered twice, allowing participants to choose the most convenient time slot. Those, who complete this free training programme successfully, would receive a Certificate of Completion from UNIDO.

Activities in 2023:

  • Developed the list of different targeted groups, including government agencies in charge of IP management, policymakers and managers in EIP application and implementation, private sectors (IP developers and tenants), educational institutions, civil society organizations, and sustainable development consultants;
  • Developed the pre-training questionnaire to understand the current status of EIP awareness and implementation in Vietnam and the training needs of target groups;
  • Designed 02 separate training agendas for 02 training courses corresponding to 02 targeted groups of trainees, which are (i) policymakers and (ii) EIP practitioners. The training agendas and materials suited the program audiences’ actual needs thanks to the survey results;
  • Participated in the training materials preparation and finalization;
  • Selected appropriate candidate trainees for the 02 training courses and sent official invitations to the selected ones; and
  • Organized and delivered 02 online training courses on the Zoom Meeting platform, consisting of 12 sessions (6 modules * 2 times) on appropriately scheduled dates. A total of 82 people participated in the Program, including 40 participants in the policymakers training course and 42 participants in the other course for EIP practitioners in Viet Nam. The completion rate of the Training Program, which participated in at least 5 of 6 training sessions, reached 75%.