• Donor: State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)
  • Host Institution: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
  • Implementing partners: VNCPC; International Support Group (ISG) under The International Cooperation Department (ICD) of Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD)
  • Duration: 10/2023 – 04/2024
  • Region: Vietnam
  • Contact: Do Thi Diu
    Email: [email protected]
    Tel: (84-24) 3868 4849 – ext. 32

The project is implemented to disseminate and promote the achievements and results of the UNIDO’s pyrolysis project in Vietnam in recent years (2016 – 2023) and contribute to launching the interministerial biochar working group (BWG), especially in the agricultural sector. Thereby sharing information and coordinating all the relevant ongoing initiatives and projects on biochar under one roof, to raise awareness, explore and create synergies towards biochar market development in Vietnam. The project includes 3 main components, which are (i) developing a policy review and recommendation report on biochar in Vietnam; (ii) establishing and regularly updating an online information repository (website) about biochar; and (iii)) organizing a specialized consultation workshop.

Main activities of the service:

  • Developing a policy review and recommendation report on biochar in Vietnam through the following activities: (i) review and assess national policies and programs related to production and usage of biochar; (ii) propose policy recommendations and consultations to best formulate the policy frameworks and guiding documents to enable the biochar market in the country, and; (iii) Identify and present a network list of the relevant stakeholders, with a focus on policy-makers;
  • Establishing a biochar-specialized website consisting of communication materials in both English and Vietnamese produced by UNIDO and partners over the past few years, and by other related on-going projects and initiatives in Vietnam. This online platform aims to provide basic knowledge and practical experiences in the domestic and international biochar sectors, and thereby, connect relevant stakeholders in Vietnam; and
  • Conducting consultation activities to collect feedback and suggestions for finalizing the “Policy Review and Recommendation Report on Biochar in Vietnam”. It is also an opportunity to introduce the online information repository on biochar built by UNIDO, VNCPC and partners.

Activities in 2023:

  • The draft report on policy review and recommendations on biochar in Vietnam (Policy Report) has been developed, submitted and received feedback from UNIDO;
  • The biochar website has been developed and updated with relevant information at biocharvietnam.org. It is an online information repository about biochar in Vietnam aiming at sharing knowledge, lessons learned and initiatives in biochar research, production and trade activities across the country; and
  • A physical consultation meeting was held in Hanoi on 03/18/2024 to gain feedback for the Policy Report finalization. The meeting attracted nearly 30 participants who are policymakers and key stakeholders in the biochar sector in Vietnam.

Next step

  • To further improve the biochar website and ensure monthly updates within 02 years (04/2024 – 04/2026)