VNCPC participates in a series of workshops to announce technical support results to EIP

Recently, the Ministry of Planning and Investment cooperated with the Management Board of Industrial zones in Da Nang City, Can Tho City and Ninh Binh Province to organize a series of workshops to announce the results of technical assistance to the Ecological Industrial Park (EIP) for businesses and communities, in each province and city.

The workshop was attended by leaders of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Departments and enterprises participating in the project in 3 localities. This is an activity within the framework of the project “Ecological industrial parks initiatives for sustainable zones in Vietnam”. At the workshop, VNCPC represented the consulting unit reported the results of supporting enterprises to participate in the project after nearly 4 years of implementation.

The representative of Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre Co.Ltd (VNCPC) reported the results of supporting enterprises to join the project after nearly 4 years of implementation.

Accordingly, the project has achieved positive results in raising awareness about ecological industrial parks and promoting enterprises in industrial parks to promote technological innovation, application of solutions to use resource efficiency and production cleaner, especially the more efficient use of energy… Based on the positive results of the EIP initiatives, the Ministry of Planning and Investment advised the Government to issue Decree No 82/2018/ND-CP, on May 22, 2018, regulates the management of Industrial Parks and Economic Zones, clearly stating the concept and criteria of EIP and assigning responsibilities of ministries and sectors in guiding the development of EIP.

Representatives of the Industrial Management Board highly appreciated the support of the project.

Representatives of the Management Board of the Industrial Parks highly appreciated the project’s support and affirmed that the solutions for resources efficiency and cleaner production (RECP) have been implemented by most businesses, bringing a lot of benefits of efficient use of resources (electricity, water, fuel, raw materials, chemicals), increasing economic benefits and reducing emissions to the environment, as well as improving working conditions for the public multiply.

Specifically, in Ninh Binh, out of 15 enterprises participating in the project, 13 enterprises applied and maintained 185 out of 213 RECP solutions (86.9%). In particular, solutions related to electricity saving accounted for 50.2%, followed by solutions to save water, fuel, raw materials, chemicals, minimize environmental impacts.

The workshop series attracted the participation of the Management Boards of industrial parks and enterprises.

Since the end of 2017, enterprises in Ninh Binh have invested 5.56 billion VND in RECP solutions, thereby saving about 5,400 MWh of electricity; 11,715 m3 of water; 42 tons of LPG and 3,982 tons of coal and 507 tons of firewood, with a total economic benefit of about 25 billion VND…

In Da Nang, 15 enterprises out of 25 enterprises participated in the project have maintained 182 out of 208 RECP solutions. From the end of 2017 until now, enterprises have invested an additional 15.5 billion VND for RECP solutions and saved about 4,555 MWh of electricity; 188,800 m3 of water; 2,108 tons of chemicals; 3 tons of LPG and 1,288 tons of firewood, with a total economic benefit of about 13.5 billion VND. Besides, businesses also significantly reduce the amount of wastewater, CO2, solid waste and dangerous emission compounds into the environment…

Similarly, in Can Tho, 26 enterprises have invested an additional capital of 17 billion VND for the implementation and maintenance of RECP solutions from the end of 2017 up to now, and the economic benefits are about 33.5 billion VND by significant savings in electricity and water, as well as reducing emissions…