VNCPC participated in the Consultation Workshop on Sustainable Distribution System

On November 5, in Hanoi, the staff of Cleaner Production Centre Co., Ltd. (VNCPC) participated in the seminar on Consultation on Sustainable Distribution Systems by the Department of Energy Conservation and Sustainable Development (Energy Conservation Department) – Organized by Ministry of Industry and Trade.

This is a workshop to implement the mission of “Develop and Implement a pilot program to support the development of a green goods distribution system, promote green consumption and green trade” under the Target Program Climate Change and Green Growth in 2020 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Attending the seminar were representatives of the Office of Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency – Department of Energy Efficiency, Department of Domestic Market, representatives of the group of experts that perform the tasks including VNCPC, Faculty of Marketing – National Economics University (NEU); representatives of BRG, An Phat Xanh Plastic Joint Stock Company, and related units and organizations.

At the seminar, Mr. Le Xuan Thinh – Director of VNCPC gave two presentations: Technical guidance on Development of a green, sustainable distribution system and Pilot results of applying Cleaner Production in green distribution system development at BRG Mart 174 Lac Long Quan.

According to VNCPC experts: BRG supermarkets have quite a lot of potentials to apply cleaner production techniques. In particular, focus on solutions to save energy (energy saving), use water efficiently, reduce waste and increase the use of materials and packaging environment friendly.

The outstanding potentials of cleaner production and energy efficiency that can be deployed and applied in BRG supermarkets will contribute to the realization of the desire to build a green distribution chain such as: Reducing the use of old equipment that consumes energy and replacing with more energy-saving equipment (for example, proposing replacing old fluorescent tube bulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs could save 174 Lac Long Quan supermarket an estimated savings of 120 million VND/year).

Improved maintenance of system equipment in supermarkets (well-performed air conditioners, electric bulbs, chillers, etc. can significantly reduce energy losses, equipment failures), and improve operating processes. equipment in the supermarket (turn off the air conditioner 1 hour before, invest in the door for the refrigerator to reduce heat loss, etc.) and many other opportunities.

In fact, most of the cleaner production options are quite simple and do not require much but bring practical results for businesses. This will help the management board and supermarket staff to be more aware and think about continuous improvement in the supermarket, contributing to building a sustainable green distribution chain.