VNCPC deploys an Eco-Industrial Park (IZ) model in Long Thanh Industrial Park

With the objective of implementing the project “Applying the Ecological Industrial park model” – within the framework of the cooperation project between the International Financial  (IFC) and the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), the week at the end of September, the Vietnam Cleaner Production Center Co.Ltd (VNCPC) and IFC have implemented a number of specific activities in Long Thanh Industrial Zone (Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province).

Activities include:

1. Investigate the potential of resource efficient, energy saving and cleaner production at three enterprises in Long Thanh Industrial Park in the areas of manufacturing plastic hanger and accessories, coffee and flower printing on fabric.

Through the preliminary assessment and evaluation process, the consultants have discovered opportunities for energy saving and resource efficiency, helping businesses improve their production efficiency and save on input costs.

Preventive maintenance measures contribute to improving the performance of the cooling system.

Regular inspections to monitor the operation of the electrical system will help the company avoid fire and explosion, as well as minimize power losses.

2. Discussion with Sonadezi Long Thanh Shareholding Company (SZL) – is the unit managing and investing Infrastructure in Long Thanh Industrial Park to seek and identify industrial symbiosis opportunities.

A number of industrial symbiotic opportunities have received attention for the high application potential from the SZL side that will be implemented in future feasibility analyzes within the project including: medium, LPG supply service for IPs and reuse of wastewater after treatment.

A discussion between the project team and SZL.

3. Carry out a training course on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) for the staffs of the companies and the management unit SZL.

The training provided an opportunity for delegates to discuss face-to-face with experts on specific issues related to resource use (energy, water, chemicals, materials) and quality management. Waste and methods to improve.