Sponsor: UNEP

Implementing agency: VNCPC

Duration: 9 months (June 2012 – March 2013)

  • Aim to support Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), the backbone of the industry of developing countries
  • To improve chemical hazard management, to increase overall safety and reduce chemical emergencies and their environmental, social and economic impact
  • Help companies address the hazards and risks related to the manufacturing, processing and handling of chemical substances in their operations
  • Selected two companies as pilot projects: NISHU Nam Ha Co. Ltd. and Tien Nong Industrial and Agricultural JSC.
  • Short training seminar on RP with RP’s CD toolkit provided for staffs in two selected enterprises
  • RP team formation
  • RP assessment at pilot projects
  • Advising on RP-related fields: material, energy,, water efficiency and waste management