Sponsor: SWITCH-Asia Programme, European Union

Partners: TU Delft, the Netherlands and Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam (AITVN)

Implementation duration: 03 years, from 04/2012 to 04/2015

Website: www.getgreen.vn

  • Promote sustainable consumption in Vietnam and enhance capacity of consumers associations in supporting consumers towards more sustainable consumption behaviors
  • Aim to establish 50 groups of “GetGreen Vietnam”, and more than 1000 change agents will be trained in the projects
  • Study on Vietnam consumers’ behaviors, motivations and challenges towards sustainable consumption behaviors
  • Develop methology and toolkits for GetGreen Vietnam, including GetGreen Guidebook, guidance materials for trainees and website for consumers interaction
  • 10 test groups in Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi
  • Over 1000 consumers in 50 groups of GetGreen will become “changing agents” to promote sustainable consumption behaviors
  • Organize “Sustainability Festivals” in 4 big cities of Vietnam: Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh city and Can Tho