• Promoting Resource Efficiency in SMEs

Sponsor:  UNEP

Project participants: Promoting Resource Efficiency in Small medium enterprises (PRESME) in developing countries which is currently being implemented in the broader context of the Joint UNIDO-UNEP Programme on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) in Developing and Transition Economies.

Duration: One year pilot project

Website: http://presme.vncpc.vn

  • To establish the basis for building capacities in developing countries to support SMEs develop
  • To implement resource efficient and cleaner production programmes that enable them to improve their competitiveness and reduce their environmental impacts
  • To perform the Assessment Report on the demand of the status analysis in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam
  • To organize a regional workshop on “Promotion of Resources Efficiency for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)” with the participation of local and international consultants in RE-CP (from Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India)
  • To provide training courses for managers and technical staffs from 12 selected enterprises in Hanoi
  • To assess RE-CP at 12 selected enterprises; three times of assessment with the support of Re-CP consultants from Dec/2009 to Apr/2010
  • To organize workshop to exchange experiences for participating enterprises during the implementation of the project
  • 12 selected enterprises implemented 279 RE-CP actions out of 323 proposed measures (accounts for about 86%)
  • By the end of the project (at Apr/2010), the enterprises invested about 7,630 billion VND (about 400,000 USD) and made an annual savings to nearly 5,160 billion VND (271,000 USD/year)
  • For example, Dong Nam Paper Joint Stock Company, invested 30 million VND on the maintenance of piping insulation layers and two ends of rolling dryers, which made an annual savings to about 200 million VND
  • Private commercial enterprise Nguyen Tan, invested about 7 million VND on the insulation maintenance of moulding barrel combining with the improvement of processing management, which made an annual savings to 103 million VND by the reduction in energy consumption. Other benefits included annual reduction of 4 m³ water, 43 million kWh power energy, 350 tonnes of coal, 5000 tonnes of raw materials

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