Sponsor: United Nation Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Implementation agency: Cleaner and Sustainable Production Unit (CPU) – UNIDO; Vietnam Cleaner Production Center (VNCPC)

Duration: September 2011 to March 2012

  • Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT)
  • Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment (MONRE)
  • Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA); Waste Management and Environmental Protection Authority (WMEPA)
  • Vietnam Steel Association (VSA); Quang Nam Province (QNP); Hoi An City People’s Committee (HPC)
  • To adapt and adopt innovative GI-based policies for sustainable industrial development of key sectors, whilst mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) and other emissions and wastes and reducing vulnerabilities to the likely impacts of Climate Change
  • Contribute to the formulation and adoption of a GI policy for MOIT, including up-scalable example initiatives for selected sectors and regions
  • It will also seed (voluntary) actions with non-governmental stakeholders (business, academia and professional and/or other associations) and sub-national government entities in continuing and replicating successful GI pilots as a means to secure their constructive engagement in implementation of national policies
  • Complete RECP/CSR assessments in 9 hotels: Golf Hoi An hotel, Indochina hotel, Hoi An hotel, Hoi An beach resort, Victoria Hoi An beach resort, Thanh Van hotel, Vinh Hung 3 hotel, Pacific hotel, Hoi An laundry workshop
  • Economic benefits: Save 175.6 million VND from reducing resource consumption: 110,930 kWh of electricity, 1,145 mof water
  • Environmental benefits: Reduce a large amount of effluent to the environment (calculated on the basis of one year): Wastewater 1,145 m3; Solid waste (hazardous waste): 450 blown-out bulbs; Emissions: 80 ton of CO2
  • a two-day training course on resource efficiency– cleaner production and design for sustainability (D4S) for households in Hoi An craft villages with the participants of 50 persons/day