Donor: UNIDO

Host institution: Husk Venture

Implementing partner: VNCPC

Sector: Various

Region: Vietnam

Duration: 6/2019

The project aims at scaling up the pyrolysis system, which is a Switzerland-transferred technology, and researching on market for biochar applications produced by the pyrolysis technology.

The project has assessed the need for the biochar market produced from small scale pyrolysis system using biomass fuels in Vietnam. The Flox-combined pyrolysis technology system (PPV300) was developed based on the design of Oekozentrum (Switzerland) and manufactured by Viet Hien Mechanical Company. The technology transfer process has been supported by UNIDO.

PPV300 pyrolysis system is used for increasing the value of agricultural residues with 3 main products: heat, biochar and wood vinegar. While the heat can be used for drying agricultural products such as coffee and rice, the biochar has several valuable applications such as used as a fertilizer in agriculture or blended into animal feed to improve the meat quality, used in water treatment to remove organic and inorganic substances from wastewater, used in the production of activated carbon, and contributing to the carbon market.