Coordinating institution: “Demonstration of BAT and BEP in open burning activities in response to the Stockholm Convention on POPs” project management board (MONRE)

Implementing partners: VNCPC (leading partner), Vinacolour Co. Ltd. and Viet Trung Environmental Technology Co. Ltd.

Sector: Plastic waste recycling

Region: The North of Vietnam

Duration: 2018 – 2020

The purpose of the assignment is to survey, conduct the feasibility study, identify and implement BAT/BEP solutions to improve production processes, reduce wastes and emissions of unintentional non-persistent organic pollutants (UPOPs) generated from open burning of plastic recycling wastes.

Main activities of the assignment

  • Survey, assess, and evaluate to determine the current status of plastic recycling technology in Phan Boi and Minh Khai craft villages;
  • Proposing BAT/BEP solutions to increase productivity and reduce environmental impacts;
  • Installation and operation of 02 new production lines in 2 craft villages for demonstration, upgrade 01 recycling line in Phan Boi;
  • Installation and operation of a pilot waste plastic recycling system to create useful products such as plastic bricks, tiles, fences, etc;
  • Training and technology transfer for households.

Activities in 2019

Carry out survey and assess plastic recycling activities at the 2 villages

During the period from May to August 2019, the expert group of the consortium conducted surveys at 108 households in the two villages of Minh Khai and Phan Boi, focusing on the following issues:

  • Update information on trading and production activities related to plastic wastes in the 2 villages;
  • Assessing the production process, the status of storage and disposal of plastic recycling households;
  • Carry out RECP quick assessment to provide solutions to help households improve their current production processes

Proposing BAT/BEP solutions to improve the production process in the 2 villages

Based on the survey’s findings, the consortium’s experts proposed solutions, ranging from simple with low-cost one to large investment, to help households improve their production flexibly to the financial capacity and production scale of each household.

The proposed solutions are integrated into 03 facilities, which are expected to be installed in the 2 villages as follows:

  • Upgrade in 01 recycling line in Phan Boi, helping production households can take advantage of some existing equipment and do not require much investment costs;
  • Invest in 01 new modern plastic recycling line in Minh Khai with high efficiency, generating less waste, saving electricity and water savings;

Invest in 01 production line of construction materials such as bricks and tiles from plastic wastes in Minh Khai village. With this line, solid wastes from the production process of households will be collected for recycling.

Activities in 2020:

  • Propose BAT/BEP solutions to improve the production process in the 2 villages;

– Solutions, from simple with low-cost, easy to implement, to high-investment solutions to help households to improve their production depends on the financial capacity and production scale of each household.

– The proposed solutions are integrated into 3 production lines to be installed in the 2 villages.

  • Survey, select and sign the memorandum of understandings with 3 households, which meet the criteria for the installation and commissioning of recycling facilities.

Next steps:

  • Carry out necessary works to procure equipment;
  • Installation, conduct commissioning, adjust equipment and organize training courses for
    households in the 2 craft villages.