• Donor: World Bank’s 2030 Water Resource Group
  • Implementing partners: SOFIES, VNCPC and ECOPSIS
  • Duration: 7 – 12/2020, extended by 6/2021
  • Sectors: Textile-garment production and industrial parks
  • Region: Vietnam

The study on “Textiles sector assessment and feasibility study to implement wastewater reuse in industrial parks” aims at assessing the potential for recycling and reuse of wastewater for the textile sector and identifying opportunities to implement public-private-partnerships (PPP) projects as per Law of PPP investment (approved by the National Assembly on 18th June 2020 and valid from 1st January

Main activities of the assignment:

  • Rapid assessment of wastewater treatment, recycle and reuse practices in Vietnam textiles industry;
  • Development of 2 feasibility reports detailing the wastewater to recycle/reuse potential in industrial parks; and
  • Summary of PPP models in wastewater recycle/reuse projects and clear recommendations for Vietnam.

Activities in 2020:

  • Study on the current state sector; survey, collect and analyze feedback from water-intensive textile enterprises;
  • Coordinate with relevant authorities and agencies to nominate, shortlist and select 2 industrial zones to conduct the research;
  • Make a list of PPP investment projects in the fields of environment, industry and water treatment, then shortlist 10 projects which have the closest model to the assignment target, case studies development.

Next steps:

  • Conduct water survey and audit, water balance in 2 selected industrial zones at enterprise-scale and the whole area;
  • Identify, analyze, and plan for water recycling and reuse in enterprises and industrial zones, including the technical and economic feasibility study component, thereby completing the business proposal for the recycling – reusing water in the industrial park;
  • Complete case studies, based on which recommendations are made to state management agencies, industrial zones, businesses, and other stakeholders so that Vietnam can promote the implementation of wastewater recycling/reuse in industrial parks.