• Donor: GIZ, under Macroeconomic Reforms/Green Growth Programme
  • Implementing partners: VNCPC
  • Duration: 6/2020 – 12/2021
  • Sectors: Industrial sector
  • Region: Vietnam

With the aim to meet the development needs and match with the national reality in the new period, the Vietnam Green Growth Strategies (VGGS) for the period 2021 – 2030 and vision towards 2050 (VGGS-post 2020) has been developed. In this VGGS, besides the cross-cutting measures, the sector-specific measures also are addressed, including industrial process and product use sector

Main activities of the assignment:

  • Review and assess the international experience and the national strategies, planning, and policy framework related to Green Growth (GG), particularly in the field of industrial sector;
    l Select and develop baseline data for the important industrial sub-sectors;
  • Conduct the forecast of GHG emissions from industry based on TIMEs model;
  • Propose mitigation strategy for GHG emissions from the industrial sector; and
  • Participate in developing of National Strategy and Action Plan for GG.

Activities in 2020:

  • Review, evaluate and analyze national and international documents and projects; policies and legal framework related to GG, particularly in the industrial sector;
  • Develop a database of 8 identified important sub-industries, which are: Construction Materials (cement, fired bricks, ceramics), Food Processing, Beverages, Textile, Pulp and Paper, Chemicals, Iron and Steel, and Plastics;
  • Propose GHG emissions reduction measures for the industrial sector; and
  • Participate in consultation workshops and develop GG strategy for the VGGS-post 2020.

Next steps:

  • Carry out technical workshops in consultation with ministries, sectors, associations, organizations, and stakeholders;
  • Conduct the forecast of emission and corresponding emission reduction scenarios; and
  • Participate in the development of GG strategy and Action Plan, particularly for the industrial sector.