• Donor: SECO
  • Host institution: UNIDO
  • Implementing partners: VNCPC, Viet Hien Mechanical Co., Oekozentrum Switzerland) and Husk Ventures S.L (Spain)
  • Duration: 7/2020 – 6/2022
  • Sectors: Technology transfer
  • Region: Vietnam

The project, which is under the framework of the Global Eco-Industrial Park Programme (GEIPP), aims to promote the commercialization of pyrolysis technology for better waste valorization in Vietnam. Pyrolysis technology which was successfully transferred to Vietnam from Switzerland by the previous UNIDO project has the potential to convert agricultural wastes (such as rice husks, coffee husks) into thermal energy and biochar. This is identified as a promising solution to improve the quality of agricultural products and improve soil fertility while minimizing CO2 emissions.

Main activities of the project:

  • Awareness raising and “green technology” recognition of pyrolysis technology;
  • Development of feasibility studies and business cases;
  • Promotion of the biochar market.

Activities in 2020:

  • Coordinate with UNIDO Hanoi to seek and select partners for pyrolysis technology awareness and technology transfer events;
  • Support project team to update information on implementation results and application
    potentials for promoting the pyrolysis technology in Vietnam;
  • Develop business cases of pyrolysis systems; and
  • Search and connect with companies in Vietnam that have the potential to apply pyrolysis technology.

Next steps:

  • Organize pyrolysis technology transfer and awareness-raising events;
  • Identify, select and provide technical assistance for potential adopters;
  • Develop the criteria and process for recognizing pyrolysis technology as “green technology” in Vietnam; and
  • Promoting the formation of a biochar market in Vietnam and further consider the export orientation.