• Donors: WWF-Vietnam
  • Service provider: VNCPC
  • Duration: 08 – 11/2022
  • Sectors: Textile-garment production and others in an IP
  • Location: Mekong Delta in Vietnam
  • Contact: Nguyen Le Hang
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: (84-24) 3868 4849 – ext 14

The assessment will utilize WWF’s Water Risk Filter tool to assess and quantify the water risks for the selected industrial park (IP) based on three layers (physical, legislation, and reputational risk). Based on IP-level and company-level site investigation, potential water conservation opportunities for the park are recommended.

Main activities of the assignment:

Identify the water risks at the park level;
Audit of total water consumption and its consumption intensity in key industries and sites;
Establish water balance diagram of the IP;
Assess the wastewater treatment infrastructure of the IP; and
Identify water saving, reuse and circularity opportunities based on industrial symbiosis (IS).

Activities in 2022:

Fulfilled the site assessment in the IP’s water and wastewater infrastructures and 05 selected tenant companies of textile-dyeing and electroplating sectors;
Developed the individual-company quick water assessment report, as well as the IP’s water risk and circulation opportunities assessment report; and
Presented the findings and recommendations to the IP developer and involved tenants.