Sponsor:  United Nation Environmental Program (UNEP)

Implementation agency: Vietnam Cleaner Production Center (VNCPC)

Participants: four enterprises as Nike Nike, Levi’s, Nautica and H&M 

Duration: June/2011 – May/2012

  • Drive operational water efficiency and improved wastewater discharge among apparel companies’ supplier facilities by sharing and implementing good water management tools and practices
  • Facilitate better communication among companies and their suppliers
  • Foster cooperative relationships among apparel companies and their stakeholders in the region to address shared water risks
  • Identification of partners; identification of helpful tools and management practices; develop implementation strategy
  • Build facility and supplier network; carry out company and supplier (and public sector) training(s)
  • Assistance in implementation of improved management practices among companies and suppliers; review of performance outcomes
  • Consideration of next phase; expand to other apparel companies; facilitate improved water management among external stakeholders; apply model to other sectors or regions