Sponsor: Millennium Development Goals Fund (MDGF)

Implementation agencies: ITC, FAO, UNIDO, UNCTAD, and ILO

Budget: 4,120,000 USD

Duration: 36 months (2010-2012) extended to June 2013


  • Aim to increase income and employment opportunities for raw material growers/collectors and grassroots producers of handicrafts and small furniture, targeting 4,450 poor households in four northern provinces of Viet Nam, namely Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Hoa Binh and Phu Tho
  • To develop better integrated, pro-poor, and environmentally sustainable “green” value chains, enabling poor growers, collectors and producers to improve their products and to link them to more profitable markets
  • TOT training for participants  (grassroots): VNCPC delivered the training process for grassroots on Cleaner Production adn D4S (as a result, there were about 45 grassroots in enterprises and local administrative office completed the program
  • Training for local households: training class on Cleaner Production was provided to the households within the supply chain (guidance with direct practice for about 1500 persons)
  • Quick and full Cleaner Production assessments for the value chain: Based on CP assessment and D4S reports for 5 value chains, there are financial support plans for households and enterprise with training materials
  • CP assessment for enterprises: Based on the CP and D4S quick assessment of 48 companies, 12 enterprises and 10 households, cooperatives were selected for further support with machinery equipment as to improve productivity, recycling waste and reduce environmental pollution
  • An improved understanding of the handicrafts and small furniture value chains;
  • Sustainable income increases of poor crafts and small furniture raw materials growers/collectors;
  • Sustainable income increases of rural poor crafts and small furniture producing households and enterprises;
  • Improved policies and regulatory frameworks at the provincial and national levels for the pro-poor promotion of handicrafts and small furniture production