Innovative methods, capacity for sustainable future in Vietnam

On November 14th 2013 – at Press Club, SPIN project successfully organized the workshop “Product Innovation – Key to Sustainable Future” which welcomed nearly 100 participants and press agencies. The workshop brought up an overview of current situation, challenges and opportunities in product innovatiôn in Vietnam for enterprises and national policies. 


The workshop was pleased to have enterprises representatives who have involved in SPIN project in the last 4 years, along with representatives from related authorities, NGOs active in in sustainable development and national reporters.

At the workshop, Dr. Marcel Cruel – TUDelft and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bich Hoa – Vice-director of AIT-VN – reported the methodology, capacity of Vietnam enterprises in product innovation progress. Moreover, two representatives from two most successful co-operated enterprises with SPIN presented on their own stories regarding products innovation as well as awareness raising in this field. 

Specifically, it is labeled Hoa Ban+ of Thuan Hoa social protection center specializing in providing garment handcrafts bearing deep ethnic culture in each product as well as proving the existing contemporary, innovative products. The second is the Enterprise Manufacturing Corporation Investment Services Binh Dinh Import Export (PISICO) who has been raised awareness about the efficient use of resources and recycling material waste in the production process to make new, unique and innovative interior products, which has helped reduce emissions to the environment and material waste.

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Mr. Nguyen Hong Long – regional coordinator of SPIN project – presented with the specific results of SPIN after almost 4 years of operation – Green Street – located at 45 Bat Su, Hanoi. The project believes that Green Street is the truest testament to a sustainable future in Vietnam at the present time and in the future, when Vietnam businesses are to raise  their awareness and capacity together with support of government policies, the future of sustainability will beno longer unthinkable.

The workshop ended, the audience visited Green Street and I-Nature knowledge farm to feel and experience sustainable products of corporates in  Vietnam.

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