Sponsor: SECO

Implementation agencies: UNIDO – SOFIES – VNCPC/NCPC

Participants: The first phase of the project will start in 2013, including four countries Vietnam, Cambodia, Peru and Colombia. In Vietnam, two selected sub-sectors are Rice and Coffee – two largest agricultural sectors in Vietnam

Duration: 2013 -2016


Overall objectives: The aim of the Project is to achieve step-reductions in the generation of industrial waste and by-products, including organic materials, as well as to foster their valorization

 (1) improving the local environment (less waste and waste water),

(2) mitigation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (reduced energy consumption and reduced methane generation from waste) 

(3) economic benefits (resource productivity and possibly better product quality).


0    Activities:

  • Sector review
  • Companies pre-selection.
  • The RECP quick scan: 10 companies/sector
  • Provide two 03-day training courses to rice and coffee sectors on RECP assessment follow UNIDO methodology
  • The full RECP assessment: 04 companies/sector
  • Identify pilot project: 04 pilots in rice sector

o    Results in 2013:

  • Training: 02 courses with 87 persons x training days
  • Economic benefit: annual saving 533,452,500 VND (= 25,400 USD) due to cut down electricity consumption: 355,365 kWh/year
  • Environmental benefit: reduce emission of 213 ton CO2/year