Donor: Switch-Asia Programme, EU

Implementation agency: Vietnam Cleaner Production Center Co.Ltd. (VNCPC)

  • World Wildlife Fund For Nature in Austria (WWF Austria)
  • Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP)
  • World Wildlife Fund for Nature in Vietnam (WWF Vietnam)

Duration: April/2013 – March/2017

  • Overall objective: By 2020 the pangasius producing, processing and exporting sector in Vietnam is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable
  • Specific objective: By end of the action at least 70% of the targeted middle to large Pangasius producing and processing SMEs, and 30% of the feed producers and small independent production SMEs are actively engaged in Resources Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RE-CP). At least 50% of targeted processing SMEs are providing
  • “Pull” component: 1. Various activities involving EU buyers and at least one leading Vietnamese processing company to demonstrate the benefits of sustainable practices; 2. Establishment of a model farm and training centre; 3. Support to the development of the legislative framework
  • “Push” components: 1. Support on ACS certification for production SMEs; 2. Several combined training and in-company implementation programmes on RE-CP, D4S and SPI adapted to the needs of each target group.
  • At least 20 new products, by-products or developing technology based on D4S and SPI;
  • Groups of small producers have joined forces to increase their negotiating power
  • Improved legislative framework for the fostering of sustainable practices in pangasius production and processing;
  • E-platform: This cross-cutting tool will among others facilitate 1. Sharing information and experience throughout the supply chain; 2. Group purchasing and selling (e.g. for small independent producing SMEs); 3. Supporting traceability and transparency efforts
  • A significant percentage of SMEs all along the pangasius sector supply chain are familiar/engaged with RE-CP (about 200 feed manufacturers and 54 processing companies)