Donors: SECO

Host Institution: UNIDO, Myanmar’s Institution of Industry

Project’s Implementing Partners:

  • Vietnam Cleaner Production Center Co.Ltd. (VNCPC)
  • Sofies
  • Pilot National Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) Programmer in Myanmar

Duration: January – June 2018

Uncertainties regarding reform plans for industries in Myanmar, weakness in the support and guidance towards sustainable practices as well as the challenges faced due to high production costs all prevent producers from considering new perspectives and additional long- term beneficial investments. To significantly improve the local industrial environment and to increase economic and environmental benefit, it is crucial to demonstrate to the producers the benefits of RECP options.

The results from the program are valuable as these experiences can be readily applied by industries in Myanmar to help improve their resource efficiency, environmental performance, thus enabling them to be more competitive in local and international markets.

Number of RECP Options Recommended: 219

Number of RECP Options Implemented: 100

Impacts: savings realized across 8 companies

Savings per Annum
Electricity 687,396 kWh
Water 218,064 m3
Economic Benefit 64,459 USD
CO2 Reduction ~ 3,551 ton
Teq.PCDD/F Reduction ~ 87,7