• Donor: SECO
  • Host institutions: UNIDO, MPI
  • Implementing partners: SOFIES, VNCPC, CL2B JSC
  • Duration: 12/2020 -11/2021
  • Sector: Industrial sector
  • Region: Hoa Khanh and Tra Noc 1&2 industrial parks

This is an assignment in the framework of the project “Eco-industrial park intervention in Vietnam perspective from global eco-industrial parks program”. The objective of this assignment is to re-evaluate the implementation of symbiosis opportunities between enterprises in Hoa Khanh industrial park (Da Nang) and Tra Noc 1&2 (Can Tho), which were identified in previous MPI-UNIDO’s Eco-industrial park project (2015 – 2019) and continue to offer technical solutions and financial access to support this symbiosis opportunity in the next phase.

Main activities of the assignment:

  • Undertake field missions to the industrial parks to update and discuss the status of industrial symbiosis implementation with the relevant park managers and companies, identify and understand the barriers to the implementation;
  • Prepare a short report highlighting the environmental and social management plan (ESMP) of the beneficiaries (park and/or companies) to address potential risks relating to labour and working conditions, resource efficiency and pollution prevention, community health and safety;
  • Devise a clear work-plan for the further development of the investment case/feasibility studies and implementation for discussion with UNIDO, MPI and relevant stakeholders;
  • Support involved enterprises to industrial symbiosis opportunities in the development and submission of the investment proposal to a relevant bank or financing institutions.

Activities in 2020:

  • Conducted survey to update the current status and progress of 12 symbiosis solutions identified in eco-industrial parks project
  • Identified and discussed on difficulties and emerged problems in the process perform with industrial park management boards and involving enterprises.

Next steps:

  • Analyze the progress and findings;
  • Identify and select implementable solutions to further provide technical assistance and financial access to develop bankable proposals.