• Donor: European Union (EU)
  • Implementing partners: VIRI, CCS, Funzi and VNCPC
  • Duration: 4/2020 – 4/2023
  • Sectors: Processing of rice, cashew nut, fruits and vegetables
  • Region: Vietnam

The objective of the Eco-Fair project is to support MSMEs in Vietnam’s agri-food processing sector to improve production processes and product quality in the period of international integration and, at the same time, increase perceptions and trust of the community in domestic products. Enterprises and consumers will receive useful practical knowledge about sustainable production and consumption through free online courses and direct consultancies.

Main activities of the project:

  • Online learning courses built and distributed;
  • On-site assessment, training, and intervention;
  • Awareness raising activities through online learning and media, and building a change maker-network;
  • Stimulating sustainable consumption and production through setting up an E-platform and Setting up a network of eco-fair retailers;
  • Online learning courses to build the capacity of 1.000 agri-food processing MSMEs;
  • On-site training for potential investment projects at MSMEs; and
  • Capacity building for eco-fair & circular economy policy for agri-food processing.

Activities in 2020:

In the first year of the project, VNCPC and partners focused on building 3 online courses to help learners actively arrange their study time through internet-connected devices such as phones, tablets or computers.

Course 1: Sustainable production for MSMEs
Course 2: Sustainable consumption for consumers
Course 3: Improve access to green credits for MSMEs

Next steps:

  • Screening the list of enterprises participated in the online course to select suitable enterprises for in-company consultancy on RECP assessment;
  • Conduct rapid and in-depth RECP assessment to help businesses save production costs, reduce emissions to the environment and improve product quality, increase opportunities to access potential markets.