Donor:  Asia Invest Programme-EU

Leader: Vietnam Cleaner Production Center (VNCPC)

  • Delft University of Technology (Netherland)
  • Asian Institute of Technology Vietnam (AIT-VN)

Duration: 2007 – 2009

  • Project objective: to increase the capacity of selected industries in Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao PDR to develop innovative products adapted to the requirements of the European market, in particular in the environmental and social fields, through the application of product-related Cleaner Production (CP) approaches, including product re-design also known as Design for Sustainability (D4S)

As a collaborative effort between the Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre, the Asian Institute of Technology Centre in Vietnam, the Phnom Penh Small and Medium Industry Association, the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the United Nations Environment Programme and the Technical University of Delft, the current project will support the creation of an enabling environment for the development of a market for sustainable product development services.

  • At least 20 new products, by-products or developing technology based on D4S and SPI;
  • Groups of small producers have joined forces to increase their negotiating power
  • Improved legislative framework for the fostering of sustainable practices in pangasius production and processing;
  • E-platform: This cross-cutting tool will among others facilitate 1. Sharing information and experience throughout the supply chain; 2. Group purchasing and selling (e.g. for small independent producing SMEs); 3. Supporting traceability and transparency efforts
  • A significant percentage of SMEs all along the pangasius sector supply chain are familiar/engaged with RE-CP (about 200 feed manufacturers and 54 processing companies)