Donor: IDC

Implementing partner: VNCPC

Sector: Community and consumers

Region: Hanoi

Duration: 10 – 12/2019

Sustainable production and consumption is a top issue in the cause of Green Growth in Vietnam as resources become scarcer and waste, especially plastic waste, increases day by day. Together with other countries in the world, provinces and cities in Vietnam are making great efforts to cope with the pollution caused by plastic waste, especially single -use plastics.

Implementing the program of sustainable production and consumption in Hanoi in 2019, VNCPC has collaborated with the Hanoi Industrial Promotion and Development Consultant Center (IDC) to organize:

  • 05 propaganda sessions about the harmful effects of plastic waste and solutions to reduce plastic waste in production, distribution and consumption to 500 consumers and small businesses in Quang Trung ward (Ha Dong district), Thanh Xuan Trung ward (Thanh Xuan district), Hang Ma ward (Hoan Kiem district), Phuc Tho district; 01 propaganda session on prevention of plastic waste at the Women’s Union of Hanoi Police.
  • 02 seminars on overview of the green business model in the field of distribution – services, sustainable supply chains and how to implement the green business model in the field of distribution and services.
  • 02 sharing sessions on “Solutions to promote sustainable production and consumption network connection in the textile industry” and “Deploy a green business network in the field of textile and garment distribution” to businesses in Hanoi.
  • Develop 01 guiding material on implementing a green business model in the field of distribution – services and sustainable supply chains and 01 manual document on sustainable production and consumption, sustainable production and consumption chains.

The action is one of VNCPC’s efforts to contributing to the promotion of sustainable production and consumption, plastic waste reduction and environmental protection in the city, in particular, and the country, in general.